InitWare is a middleware suite that allows you to manage services and system resources as logical entities called units.

The logo is a promise to users and a reminder to the developers of InitWare: never to force the user to press the power button in dismay. This philosophy is integral to InitWare, and thus the natural element of the InitWare logo.


The full horizontal logo should be used whenever possible. If colour isn't an option, it can be used in monochrome as well.

Full colour Logo SVG PNG

Monochrome Logo SVG PNG

Alternate Logos

For use cases where the horizontal logo doesn't work, the vertical alternate logo can be used instead. For sizes too small for the text to be readable (e.g. avatars, icons, and the like), use the standalone logomark.

Vertical Alternate Logo SVG PNG PDF

Standalone Logomark SVG PNG PDF

colour & Typography

The brand colours are InitWare blue #1e8bc3 and InitWare black #141314.

The brand typeface is Heebo, by Oded Ezer. The logotype uses the Bold weight.